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Oregon Boater Requirements & Check List | Find Oregon RIVERS, RESERVOIRS & TIDE LEVELS - - Click Here

  You can find Pfds., whistles, throw bags and Aquatic Invasive Species Permits at Oregon Paddle Sports.  

As a boater/paddler here in Oregon who paddles/oars; rafts, inflatable kayaks,  whitewater kayaks or canoes, and flat water canoes, kayaks or stand up paddle board. 

You will need the following to be Legal on Oregon waters:

1.  One Life Jacket per/Person (on Class 3 water and above you must wear).  Highly recommend that you wear your Pfd at all times on the water.  Accidents are not predictable.   Here is a link to Oregon Marine Boards law on Personal Flotation Device (Life Jackets).
2.  Children 13 and younger Must Wear Life Jackets on the water at all times.
3.  One Safety Whistle per/Boat
4.  One Aquatic Invasive Species Permit (cost $7.00) per/Boat (for boats 10ft and longer). 
    (Permits can be purchase at Oregon Paddle Sports or at most Bi-Marts.)
5.  One Throw Bag per/Boat (anyone paddling Class 3 Whitewater and above).
6.  Remember that most boat launches charge a fee for use of the boat launch and/or parking area.    
[ - - Most boat launches on the McKenzie River are Lane County Parks launches you can go to this link to see who sale permits: LANE COUNTY LAUNCH & PARK PERMIT ]
Things to consider before you go boating.

 [    ]  Does everyone in the group have adequate skills to do the trip?

 [    ]  Does everyone in the group have adequate paddling gear to do this trip?

 [    ]  Have you check the river levels or tide charts to see if the water levels are good for all paddlers in the group?

 [    ]  Have you check the weather for high winds, thunderclouds and other hazards?

 [    ]  Have you check with local organizations to see if there are water hazards in the water that you may not be aware of (this is especially important on moving water to whitewater sections of a river)?   

Get maps of the river you plan to paddle on from local paddling store or U.S Forest Service/ BLM offices.

 [    ]  Did you leave paddling float plan at home so someone knows where you are going and when to expect you home?

 [    ]  Always paddle in groups of 3 to 4 for safety reasons!

 [    ]  Consider carrying a towing system, first aid kit and hyperthermia clothing kit!

Make sure everyone is wearing synthetic clothing and NOT COTTON.