Pau Hana Malibu Tour VFT SUP

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 The Malibu Tour in VFT is a displacement board for built for efficient paddling in flatwater.  It’s ideal for cutting through water at moderate speeds or for novice paddlers looking to get a workout.  The Malibu Touring board is stable enough for any novice paddler to ride comfortably and fast enough to traverse long distances with minimal effort. The Malibu Touring board is good for casual and novice paddlers embarking on day long journeys on lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

  • Displacement hull allows rider to swiftly glide through the water
  • Easily attach accessories to the SeaMount plugs
  • Good quality in an affordable package
  • Vacuum Formed Technology makes the board incredibly durable
  • Extremely Durable


Technical Specs

LENGTH | 11’6″

WIDTH | 30″

THICK | 6″


VOLUME | 226 L

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