All our local river flows!


Malheur and Harney Lakes Basin

10396000 Donner and Blitzen River NR Frenchglen OR

Klamath River Basin

11493500 Williamson River Newar Klamath Agency OR
11501000 Sprauge River Near Chiloquin OR
11502500 Williamson River BLW Sprauge River NR Chiloquin OR
11503000 Annie Spring Near Crater Lake OR
11504115 Wood River Near Klamath Agency OR
11507500 Link River at Klamath Falls OR
11509105 North Canal at Highway 97 Near Worden OR
11509200 Ady Canal at Highway 97 Near Worden OR
11509250 Ady Canal Above Lower Klamath NWR Near Worden OR
11509340 Klamath Straights Drain Near Worden OR
11509500 Klamath River at Keno OR
11510700 Klamath River BLW John C. Boyle PWR Plant Near Keno OR

Snake River Basin