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Defunkify’s revolutionary fabric-cleaning and deodorizing products are the collective brainchild of a small group of scientists, inventors and chemists who share a passion for the great outdoors.

We also used to share something else: closets full of sportswear too funky-smelling to wear. You know the ones, those synthetic running shirts and base layers that start to stink as soon as you put them on.

All the stinky shirts got us wondering: why weren’t traditional cleaning products working? What was it about modern high-tech fabrics or other detergents that caused this problem? Are we just really stinky?

Fortunately they're scientists, they kinda like solving problems and because they are a technology spin-out of the University of Oregon, we had access to advanced technology and state-of-the-art tools not typically available to cleaning product companies; tools like scanning electron microscopes, gas chromatography and more. This allowed us to dive deep into the fibers; to understand what was going on, to experiment, invent and then patent the most effective and most environmentally friendly solutions possible.

It turns out that one great thing about building the company here in Track Town USA, is that it is easy to find sweaty, funky smelling synthetic gear to test and validate our products. So with the help of our active friends who were happy to have us do their laundry, we tested and refined our formulations.

We are confident that you will agree; they have created products that work amazingly well. And they have done it in a way that defies the conventional wisdom that says the performance of a product suffers the more environmentally friendly it is. Our products perform significantly better than the competition and we made them greener too.

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