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Are you planning to spend a day on the water? Do you want to test out boats before you buy? Oregon Paddle Sports lets you rent out kayaks, Canoes, Rafts, SUPS, and more so that you have a memorable day on the water. With our rentals, you can spend your days paddling around Oregon’s beautiful scenery. If you end up loving the boat, our Try Before you Buy program deducts the price of the rental from the price of the boat.* We reserve on a first come first serve basis. Call ahead of time to reserve the rental because rentals book out fast! Just call Oregon Paddle Sports at 541-505-9020 to book the rental.

Call: (541) 505-9020 to book your rental



Solo $70 per day

Tandem $80 Per day

OPS offers both hard shell and inflatable kayaks to accommodate all audiences. Whether you are an experienced paddler, or just starting, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect kayak for your trip. All IK packages include the kayaks, paddles, Pfds, pump, invasive species permit, and whistle. Kayaks come folded 



Solo $80 per day

Tandem $90 per day

We have a wide array of options with our ultra-light Wenonah canoes. Their kevlar material makes the caones super light and easy to paddle on lakes. They are perfect for a camping trip on any lake. All canoe packages include the canoe, paddles, Pfds, invasive species permit, whistle, and any tie downs needed to help transport the boat.


Paddle Raft

$120 Per day

All paddle raft packages include the raft, raft paddles, Pfds, pump, throw bag, bow bag, invasive species permit, and a whistle. The raft can be picked up folded and wrapped or inflated for trailering.


Stand Up Paddle Boards

$70 Per day

All SUP packages include the board, paddle, Pfd, invasive species permit, whistle, and any tie downs needed to help transport the boat, pump with inflatables.

River Tubes

$35 Per day

Are you looking for a relaxing float on a lake or down a river? We have the perfect tubes for you. With our tubes you can relax on the water with ease.


Expedition Raft Package

$170 Per day

For multi-day trips or the ability use us an oar rig we also offer an Expedition package we can completely customize for you. All Expedition raft packages include the raft, 4-bay frame, oars, premium cooler, dry-boxes, straps, patch kit, throw/bowline/flip ropes.


Hobie Pedal Kayak

$100 Per day

All Hobie packages include the kayak, paddle, Pfd, invasive species permit, and any tie downs needed to help transport the boat.



$50 Per day

Are you looking to transport multiple canoes, kayaks or inflated rafts? We have a selection of trailers to meet your needs.

aire-river-couch.Dark Gray_Teal.04.jpg

Aire River Couch

$70 Per day

Kick back and relax on the lake or river on this inflatable couch.


Available Models of Boats for rent:



  • 12ft Rocky Mountain Raft

  • 14ft Rocky Mountain Raft w/ and w/out expedition package

  • 16ft Rocky Mountain Raft w/ and w/out expedition package

Hard Kayaks

  • 10ft Current Designs Solara

  • 12ft Current Designs Solara

  • 12ft Current Designs Kestrel

  • 13.5ft Current Designs Solara

  • 14ft Current Designs Kestrel

  • 14.5ft Current Designs Solara Tandem

  • 16ft Eddyline Denali

  • 8ft Pyranha Ripper Medium


Hobie Kayaks

  • Hobie Outback

  • Hobie Compass

Inflatable Kayaks

  • Rocky Mountain IK126 Taylor

  • Rocky Mountain IK123 Animas

  • Rocky Mountain IK144 Tandem


  • Wenonah Spirit II Tandem

  • Wenonah Prism

  • Wenonah Seneca

Hard Stand-Up Paddle Boards

  • 10ft Glide Paddle Board

  • 11ft Glide Paddle Board

  • 8.5ft Glide Kids Paddle Board

  • 12.5ft Liquid Shredder

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards

  • 11.5ft Glide Retro

Not every boat or piece of equipment stocked is on this list. Call 541-505-9020 for availability.


Multiple Day Discounts

At 3 days get 5% off the total rental cost

At 4 days get 10% off the total rental cost

At 5 days get 15% off the total rental cost

At 6 days get 20% off the total rental cost

At 7+ days get 25% off the total rental cost


Pick-Up and Drop-Off Policy:

Rental pick-ups begin as early as 10:00am on the scheduled pick-up day. In certain cases, equipment can be picked up as early as 4:00pm on the afternoon before your reservation; please call prior to pick-up to discuss.


Rentals are due back by 11:00am on scheduled drop-off day. Any equipment returned after 11:00am on the scheduled drop-off day will incur a regular daily rental rate for all rented equipment. Should the late return of equipment lead another reservation to cancel, the renter who is returning late is responsible for the total cost of the rentals reserved by the waiting customer.


Cancellation & Date Change Policy:

In the event of a cancellation a full refund is given with one-week cancellation notice. A 50% refund will be given with up to 48-hour notice of cancellation. No refunds will be issued if less than 48 hours cancellation notice is given. Rentals may be rescheduled with no penalty up to one week prior to rental reservation when availability allows. Rentals totaling over $300 will be charged a 10% restocking fee upon cancellation to offset credit card fees.


Security Deposit:

Rented equipment requires a credit or debit card imprint to be on file as a security deposit. The card on file is run only in the event that the renter fails to return equipment or returns equipment damaged beyond standard use.  


Equipment Condition:

A great deal of care goes into ensuring that all equipment is cleaned and sanitized between rentals. When you return your equipment, it will be inspected while you wait for damage and dirt beyond standard and reasonable use. It is solely the discretion of OPS Rentals to determine if damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced at the renter’s expense.


Equipment Delivery:

Rental delivery may be available upon request. Please call at least two weeks prior to your rental to discuss delivery availability and pricing.



Water sports are inherently dangerous. Our rental packages include Personal Flotation Devices that must be worn at all times on the water. All renters should be familiar with all precautions which can be taken to prevent serious or minor injury while on the water. Additionally, all renters should be familiar with the appropriate use, fit, and function of all rented equipment. Water conditions can change rapidly; we recommend that you understand the current conditions at the location you intend to use rented equipment. 


*Try Before you Buy

If you are considering a purchase or maybe you had a really good time with your rental equipment here’s some good news! Oregon Paddle Sports try before you buy program lets you apply up to two days rental cost towards the purchase of a new or used boat! This is a great way to inform your purchase decision at low to no cost! Also ask us about our demo days and other special events!